ARKAD is the annual career fair arranged by the Student Union at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering. We are proud to be one of the largest career fairs in Scandinavia and to offer your company the opportunity to interact directly with more than 9000 of our ambitious, forward-thinking and skillful engineering, architecture and industrial design students. In conjunction with the fair, you are also invited to showcase your company with personalized events, curated and developed alongside you to meet your organisation’s talent acquisition goals. 

For you as a student, ARKAD is a great opportunity to meet and connect with your dream company! Are you looking for a summer job, master thesis or internship? You will definitely find it at ARKAD!

ARKAD 2021 - It's official, we are going physical! 

Welcome to ARKAD! This year, we are proud to present that we are arranging the fair as both a physical and virtual exhibition. Just like in 2020, the virtual fair will be hosted through an online platform, giving your company the opportunity to reach out to our ambitious and dedicated students at LTH, no matter where your company is situated. 

There is no limit for how many companies that are able to participate at the virtual fair. However, because of the remaining uncertainty and restrictions that still are in effect, the same cannot be said for the physical one. In the Complete Registration, you will be able to apply for a spot at the physical exhibit. Companies will thereafter be selected on an ongoing basis. 

The ARKAD team understands that this will be a new format for both you as an exhibitor and our visiting students, and want to clarify a couple of things. If your company is selected to participate physically, you will still receive all the amenities detailed in our Virtual Exhibition Package. If your company is not selected, know that we will do everything we can to ensure that your ARKAD experience goes above and beyond your expectations! We want to thank you for your patience and understanding regarding the situation at hand, and for our process moving forward. 

As of the 2nd of August, the Complete registration will have opened for companies that filled in the Initial application earlier this spring, or who have been approved after filling in the Late application. Down below, we have gathered information about the hybrid career fair and what to expect when participating at this year's ARKAD!


2th of August: The Complete registration opens
1st of October: The Complete registration closes
4th of October: Graduatelands virtual platform opens
22nd of October: Deadline to complete your virtual stand on Graduateland
8th - 12th of November:
 ARKAD Event week
17th - 18th of November: ARKAD career fair

You can find more information directed to companies over here

We are currently updating the information regarding the virtual and physical fair. If you do not find the information you are looking for right now, please contact us at company.arkad@tlth.se.

When is the fair taking place?

Wednesday, the 17th of November
Thursday, the 18th of November

Where do I sign my company up?

The late application is now closed

ARKAD 2020

A list of last year's exhibitors can be found hereCheck out the companies that attended ARKAD 2020 and check out how it was all organized on our digital platform!